About Printable Crafts

Printable Crafts is all about making unique craft items using your home computer and printer. These projects are fun and easy to make and do not require any special skills. There are a few projects, however, where you will need a knowledge of sewing, either by hand or machine or know someone who does. Additional tasks may include cutting, gluing or measuring. Printable crafts take up very little space and most can be done at your kitchen table fairly quickly and easily.

In Printable Crafts you will find many ideas you can start using to create unique home decor items, personal effects, clothing, gifts, trinkets and more. While we haven't gotten around to covering every idea yet, we plan on adding more over the coming months. You can find the different craft ideas in the Archives section on the right. If there is a printable craft you would like to see covered or if you can provide a resource, please let us know.

Important: Because many of these crafts require either cutting, ironing, chemicals (resin casting, glues, sealants) or sewing with needles, adult supervision is highly recommended when letting children try their hands at making some of these projects.

If you're new to this type of craft the best place to start is with the "Pages" section on the right where you'll find information on printers, software and materials to use. These pages also include where and how to acquire the graphics to use in your projects.